Closure Viewed in the Real World

An interesting pattern has emerged surrounding the debate about the closure of Mabley Center in Dixon.  

This debate is not a new one. But usually the sides taken up in the debate are divided between state and community service providers. This time around, however, the line of argument appears to fall between those with real-world experience in providing services in DD and those who operate primarily with only an abstract or philosophical understanding of the issue.

This was illustrated at the COGFA meeting for Mabley on October 17th.


On Friday the Chicago Tribune published an editorial opinion piece on the Governor's plans to close the Jacksonville and Mabley Developmental Centers in Illinois.  While it is understood that opinion is only opinion, it appears that the author or authors of this piece have either not chosen to research this complex, multidimensional issue before putting pen to paper, or they are working from a political perspective that would prefer to ignore the available facts.  

Several comments within the piece suggest this: