9. In what geographic areas does Forest City Behavior offer its services?

Forest City Behavior primarily offers direct consultation and assessment services in Northwestern Illinois. Our base is in Rockford, Illinois, (the Forest City) though we do offer services throughout the northwestern corner of the state. In some cases, depending upon distance and travel time, travel time may charged as part of the consultation fee. 

In most cases, in order to ensure that sufficient time is available to provide appropriate services, in-person consultation is limited to locations within a four-hour drive of our base. However, Forest City Behavior also uses Telehealth Video Conferencing services, making it possible to make arrangements for consultation in other locations. 

We are pleased to offer training and educational services throughout the continental United States, and would be happy to make arrangements to do training at your site.  

For more information about this or any service offered by Forest City Behavior please feel free to contact us.